This includes but is not limited to hanging doors, running trim, framing spaces, and all matter of odds and ends.



Replacing faucets and point of use fixtures including garbage disposals, hot water dispensers, dishwashers, and shower heads.


 Everything Else

Are you not sure which category your project might fit in? Just follow the contact page and let me know.


Do you need to build a piece of furniture? I can do all manner of putting items together that you may not have the knowledge or tools to do.



Replace that brass and glass with updated fixtures to renew the look of your home quickly and easily. Ceiling fans are also a quick way to cool you down in the summer without flipping on the A/C.


Outdoor Repairs

I can repair a sagging deck or renew your weathered deck with a new coat of stain. Are you tired of leaves clogging your gutters? Have you thought of adding gutter guards? This and much more are all options.